Holy Week – Good Friday!

Imagine Jesus walking to Calvary and His mother following to be near to her child. I don’t think any mom in that situation would call it “Good Friday”.

Both Jesus and His Mother accepted it as God’s will.

We call it “Good Friday” because our sins were forgiven and the gates to heaven open to us.

We should all have joy in knowing the possibility of eternal life was a gift to us.

We shouldn’t hold grudges but we do. The pain they caused was too much and so very easy to not forgive. We have 100 + reasons why this person is not worthy to be forgiven.

But Jesus died for everyone and Jesus can forgive all sins. It’s what made Good Friday good.

Have a Good Friday – be willing to let God and Mother Mary walk with you, as you know heaven is possible for everyone. Let Go of anger, let go of resentment, let go of hurt, let go so we may all be at peace.

More reflection necessary!

From the Diary of St Faustina

Good Friday begins the Divine Mercy novena


Sibling rivalry

The Bible has stories of sibling rivalries-

Cain and Abel, Jacob and Esau, Joseph and his brothers, the Prodigal son – and Martha and Mary.

Martha wasn’t happy about Mary sitting while she was doing all the work. As I was driving home from my sister’s funeral I was thinking how she was the outspoken, we have a job to do – let’s get it done personality when we were young. I probably wasn’t sitting at the feet of Jesus, maybe just daydreaming a lot but I wasn’t the go getter. I was more go with the flow.

As the two oldest children of nine my mother gave us lots of responsibilities. We had a step stool to do dishes because we weren’t tall enough to reach. We carried babies on our hips and even took them to our softball games. My sister was smart and had ideas to improve things, and I did what I was told and stayed out the way.

I always tell people that maybe Mary was recognized by Jesus as choosing the better portion but Martha has the feast day in the church. Maybe because when Lazarus died Martha ran out to Jesus while Mary stayed home and Martha professed:

(John 11) “Yes, Lord. I have come to believe that you are the Messiah, the Son of God, the one who is coming into the world.”

Life is strange and wonderful and God loves us as we are but never leaves us that way. His mercy is big. He teaches us through the people who cross our lives. Sibling love is like no other, they have seen the good, bad and ugly. They pray for each other to have life, love and happiness. They are quick to forgive because they know what we’ve been through, things no one else would understand.

More reflection needed.

Grateful for God’s mercy – back to work

Eggs in a basket

There’s a saying to not put all your eggs in one basket. If you drop a basket and break eggs then you still have the other basket with eggs. Breakfast may be smaller but you still can eat.

I was thinking I put all my eggs in one basket when I decided I wanted to follow Jesus. Even when I’ve dropped the basket He made a way. Sometimes a gift basket, sometimes letting go of the eggs so I could have chickens, sometimes in the desert with nothing so I could reflect on the important stuff. Sometimes I held the basket but required to share, even giving all the eggs away and even the basket.

– I will never regret putting everything into Jesus’s hands. And not sure where this reflection is taking me today but happy as long as it takes me to Jesus!

The Prayer List

My prayer list is very long. In prayer I heard a voice ask if god could only heal one person from your list who would you pick. My answer is all of them. God doesn’t pick favorites He loves all of us and His mercy is bigger than my list. I leave it to God how He heals. But I trust He loves everyone. Even those not on my list.

I will continue to pray for all even as my list grows.