Holy Week – Good Friday!

Imagine Jesus walking to Calvary and His mother following to be near to her child. I don’t think any mom in that situation would call it “Good Friday”.

Both Jesus and His Mother accepted it as God’s will.

We call it “Good Friday” because our sins were forgiven and the gates to heaven open to us.

We should all have joy in knowing the possibility of eternal life was a gift to us.

We shouldn’t hold grudges but we do. The pain they caused was too much and so very easy to not forgive. We have 100 + reasons why this person is not worthy to be forgiven.

But Jesus died for everyone and Jesus can forgive all sins. It’s what made Good Friday good.

Have a Good Friday – be willing to let God and Mother Mary walk with you, as you know heaven is possible for everyone. Let Go of anger, let go of resentment, let go of hurt, let go so we may all be at peace.

More reflection necessary!

From the Diary of St Faustina

Good Friday begins the Divine Mercy novena


Stations of the cross

Sometimes when I think about the weight of the world falling on me, ready to crush me..  I think about Jesus carrying the cross. 

He falls the first time at the third station and the next station is He meets His mother. Did Mary run to Him when He went down was she already close at His side?   Mother Mary is always interceding for us.  She shows up in my life right on time.     Then Simon helps Him carry the cross maybe not a willing participant at first and then we hear Veronica wipes His face. Always grateful to those who are there.  People are by nature good and willing to help.  

Even with help Jesus falls a second time and as the journey continues He mets the women of Jerusalem who are crying.  Jesus had a greater hope so He said to them don’t weep for me but for yourselves and your children.   

How blessed are we who have the stations to meditate on–  Jesus barely able to continue falls a third time.  What follows is His death on the cross..  He died for our sins.   And after 3 days raises again.  

His goal accomplished.  

I continue to get up.  Until the day I see Him face to face.   Some days I help carry crosses and other days I allow others to help me.  Always praying to walk with Jesus and have Mary interceding. 

My quick thought of the day – God is Good! Stay connected to Him.  Thankful for the stations. 

(Needs more reflection and editing- maybe a photo)