Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God – Jaunary 1st


I set up a meal train for a friend who is sick.   It wasn’t my idea, the idea came from a mom in our prayer group.  She recruited me because I have computer skills.   I have been concerned for this sick friend, but all I could think is I need to get more people praying for healing.  My mom friend was more practical, the family needed meals while the mother is sick.   I am grateful for the lesson in being practical and meeting the needs of the family.

I started thinking of how our Mother in heaven intercedes for us.   She knows what we really need and that is what she asks God to give us.   I am sure she had the Holy Spirit inspired the meal train idea.  If she was here on earth she would sign up to bring a meal.   Thank you mom friend for teaching me to be practical in prayer.

Pope Francis in 2015 spoke of mothers –
“A society without mothers would be a dehumanized society, for mothers are always, even in the worst moments, witnesses of tenderness, dedication and moral strength. Mothers often pass on the deepest sense of religious practice: in a human being’s life, the value of faith is inscribed in the first prayers, the first acts of devotion that a child learns. It is a message that believing mothers are able to pass on without much explanation: these come later, but the seed of faith is those early precious moments. Without mothers, not only would there be no new faithful, but the faith would lose a good part of its simple and profound warmth. And the Church is mother, with all of this, she is our mother! We are not orphans, we have a mother! Our Lady, mother Church, is our mom. We are not orphans, we are children of the Church, we are children of Our Lady, and we are children of our mothers.

Dearest mothers, thank you, thank you for what you are in your family and for what you give to the Church and the world. And to you, beloved Church, thank you, thank you for being mother. And to you, Mary, Mother of God, thank you for letting us see Jesus. And thank you for all the mammas present here: let us salute them with a round of applause!”  Pope Francis, General Audience, January 7, 2015