Giving my Spirit to God for Lent!

As a kid I remember all the kids asking each other what you are giving up.   As an adult seems we look to do something other than giving things up.

I was thinking in mass Sunday that what I need to give up is my spirit to God.  Because God will take it and love it.   Holding it closely.

I have in the pass do the 40 bags in 40 days.   It is a great way to clean the house, but was they things weighing down my spirit and giving up bags of stuff did it increase my closeness to God.

I am asking God each day how can I give you more of my spirit so that I receive more of your spirit.   A Spirit that leads to forgiving and receiving forgiveness.  A Spirit of Joy, A Spirit of Love, A Spirit of hope.

OK, as always I need to reflect more on this inner thought of Giving up my Spirit for Lent.

Luke 23:46 “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit”

Psalm 31:5 “to your hands I commit my spirit, by you have I been redeemed”

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