Outgiving God!

I can’t out give God. I use to try when I was younger. Probably why I can’t retire, lol.

But I can help Him in His giving. By forgiving and sharing what I have and being the person He created me to be. With an attitude of thankfulness and joy.

First letting go of all hurt and seeking forgiveness from those whom I hurt.

Second, The sharing comes pretty natural. Helping others to me is just the right thing. Not always easy or comfortable but if God calls I answer. So there have been times when I say things to God like are you sure? Or how can I help? But if He calls I just know what I have to do.

Becoming the person I am created to be is in the first two. God created me with free will and all the people around me have choices. Sometimes in life I got hurt and decided to hold grudges. Sometimes I did the hurting. Maybe it’s just old age but forgiving and seeking forgiveness is freedom. Christ did it first as an example. The 12-steps has that making amends step to get me through the hard stuff.

Just thinking of things I can do to help today. Sometimes I can only pray for others because I am powerless over things like cancer and death. But God has the power.

Random thought of the morning.

One thought on “Outgiving God!

  1. I do think as we age we get more focused on God, maybe part of it is we just have more time, but I also believe our age brings us wisdom to seek out the most important. So I do pray more, really try to be the person God created me to me (at this I fail) and spend more time getting to know my God.


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