Forgiveness –

For me forgiveness has become simple.  I believe that Jesus died for everyone, He already did the work of forgiveness and I have to trust in His plan and hand all those who hurt me to Him.  I believe I am to follow Him and I have do whatever He tells me. (John 2:5 – His mother said to the servers, “Do whatever he tells you.)

I am human and feelings and emotions gets in the way, and so whatever I am feeling I bring to God in prayer.   I have come to believe that forgiveness isn’t just for me to move forward but in the spiritual work of being part of the body of Christ it is so the whole world can begin to be at peace.

Forgiving to me is easier than saying I am sorry to those I have hurt.  Very happy the Church has given us the Sacrament of Reconciliation,  a grace needed for self-reflection.  A grace to humble myself and take responsibility for my actions.

Sometimes pride wants to get in the way of saying I am sorry, sometimes being afraid of the reaction of the other.  I am not responsible for the other person’s reaction, hoping always the time can heal.

Forgiveness is needed in my life for inner peace and to become the person God calls me to be in this world.

More reflection needed… but my thoughts today is to forgive, not only the small stuff but the big things.




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