Finding God

I heard someone on the radio say, “I am only beginning to find God”!  Struck me funny, since God has never been lost.   The image that came to mind was that of a child playing peek-a-boo, as long as the child hides his/her eyes the other person playing is unseen.

Finding God is as simple as opening my eyes.  I am not one to close my eyes to pray.  The proof that God is with me is in seeing the people around me, the beautiful of nature and myself in the mirror.  God is everywhere and the proof is in His creation.

Yes, my faith is not always seeing with physical eyes, sometimes it is seeing with the eyes of Faith.  Believing in Jesus, Believing in Heaven and believing in the possibilities.   The possibility that everyone can live in peace, that everyone can forgive everyone, that we only speak words that build up and never things that tear down.

Always grateful for Mercy for the times I have been unforgiving, judgmental, gossiped, torn down … to see each person as Jesus sees them.   He died for everyone, He loves everyone…even the mean people.

There’s a challenge to love those who maybe aren’t on board with believing the things we believe.

My random thoughts summed up.  I didn’t find God, I discovered who I am by opening my eyes to Him.


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