Heart compartments: Peace!

Photo copyright 2017 Megan McClure

“Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it”- Psalms 34:15

In prayer, I had an image of my heart, a heart with many compartments, not only drawers but also drawers with secret compartments and drawers hidden by the things on top.

I asked,  “God why are you showing me this picture of my heart?”   Maybe it is God’s way of showing how far I have come and maybe God showing me how far I have to go or somewhere in the middle. I wondered why are You showing me these compartments?

I started thinking if the things in the drawers bring about “peace” and finding peace. I haven’t read the book on de-cluttering and finding peace & joy in stuff but somehow I imagine it was what God was saying in my spiritual life. Why are you keeping this and that?

“For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.” — Matthew 6: 21

I thought about forgiving in order to have peace. I was thinking I had lots of compartments that contained my ability to let go hurts. God tells us to forgive everyone, with practice seems like a simple thing to do. But sometimes there is the underlying anger hanging in the drawer. I can find a way to cover hurts with all the scriptures I know well on forgiveness. But does that mean I haven’t total given it up to God.   If so why is it still in the drawer.   And when I think of the hurts I can usually avoid feeling the anger by covering the hurts with comfort foods or working on a project.  Sometimes hidden in the compartments are those secrets that are so hard to reveal.  As I search the items in my heart I wonder why is this still in the drawer and why haven’t I given this to God?

I imagine it is like keeping my mouth shut because I know a comment would stir things up, but inside there is no peace in the silence? There can only be peace in the surrendering to God. He has taken care of everything on the cross, every sin forgiven. Instead of holding onto anger I should instead offer an invitation. God continues to invite me to experience His love and mercy in new and deeper ways. I too can invite others to experience Jesus and His mercy, His peace, His Joy, His unconditional love.

Maybe I hold on to things because of sin. Sometimes I hold on to my way, instead of walking in faith and believing God has it all. My stubbornness is a strong gene. To truly be challenged to do it God’s way takes some practice. Over and over God shows me His way is the best way.

As always I ramble and my thoughts need more dialogue with God. More reflection is always needed. Hopefully I can throw out a few more things from these compartments. Hopefully I can turn away from every evil and seek peace and share that peace with others. Peace that heals.
















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