Miracles, Praying for miracles!

Thinking about miracles today!  

Always praying for health, healing, stability, etc. etc. for myself and others… Always looking for God in every situation to be there and to give peace and joy. Usually thinking I have a good idea and maybe I should share that idea with God.  I am sure He laughs and then waits for me to stop talking so He could speak.  

One thing I especially find hard is when young moms have cancer and I want a miracle so they are here to raise their children.  There are many needs and wants but that situation gets to me.  

Years ago I went to Medjugorje with a woman with cancer who had 3 small sons. She said the miracle and peace she found on that pilgrimage was accepting that God loved her husband and sons more than she did and was able to die in peace, knowing God had them.  I should remember that and thank St Myra for her witness of total surrender to God. 

I keep learning that the real miracle is that God loves me (and you) unconditionally and forgives my (your) sins!  I am learning it isn’t about me and my ways but God and His way. 

Mercy is all I need and to give mercy is all that is required of me. Nothing else is needed or required! I may want a few things here and there, and I may even kick and scream along the way.  But what I want becomes a distraction if not in God’s plan. 

Learning to detach from my will becomes a grace…  detaching can be a struggle.  I remember moving to St Louis believing God wanted me here but crying everyday because I missed my niece.  There wasn’t Sykpe or FaceTime back then. 

Yes, I will continue to pray for health and healing and stability and peace and joy and kindness and every good thing including miracles for everyone… but I am learning that God’s response is the right answer so I surrender.  

My scattered thoughts this morning — in need of further reflection.  

“You can never learn that Christ is all you need, until Christ is all you have.” ― Corrie ten Boom

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