Walk by Faith!


My sister always told a story about the three kinds of people at the Red Sea. First there were the ones who saw the Sea and turned around and went back into slavery. Next were the ones who saw the Sea and knelt down to pray, and prayed and prayed but never got up. Last were the ones who saw the Sea, knelt and prayed, believed their prayer would be answered and started walking into the Sea. They walked knee deep and kept walking, they walked shoulder high and kept walking, and they walked until the water was over their heads and that is when the Sea opened up.

Soon we will be celebrating Palm Sunday, when Jesus rode into Jerusalem as a King. His plan was for a new freedom, to set us free from sin; he walked in faith that leads to the cross. It wasn’t the Sea that was opened but the gates of Heaven. We do read that He prayed to the Father to remove this cup of suffering but added for God’s will to be done. Accepting death, death on the cross.

I wonder, am I brave enough to walk by faith, even in the things that look impossible? And even going further am I willing to lay down my life for another, am I willing to do sacrifices? Am I also praying for God’s will?  Am I willing to do the prayer work to have the courage to do God’s will? Am I willing to pray and fast?

Always thinking, always in need of more reflections…. Thankful that Jesus died for me and thankful He rose again and thankful He sent the Holy Spirit to guide me….

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