Selfless or Selfish

When deciding if I am acting selfish or bending toward selfless I always look to the cross of Jesus.   It is a deep reflection as we look back 44 years ago and as I am anti-abortion, pro-life. Jesus_Cross

I do not have children and have never been in a situation where I would have to make that kind of choice.   My mother had nine children and said she wanted all of us.   She certainly sacrificed having more possessions by having children.  I remember her having the same pair of dress shoes, and only one pair for like 15 years.   She said, I was a difficult pregnancy and comments were made that it may be better if she miscarried because I could end up being “retarded (a word she did not approve anyone using)”.  It was over 60 years ago.  I am here.  Healthy.  And maybe all the prayers has my eyes on Jesus.

I remember about 10 years ago, my friend Shirley’s daughter Kita.  She was 35.  She found out she had breast cancer and was pregnant all at once.  Kita said she had to give birth before undergoing treatment.   Kita was someone who looked to the cross in making her decision.  She told Shirley, “If God took me to it, He will take me through it”.  She died and we all miss her wisdom.

I am praying today, for those who need the cross as an example of giving and those who need the cross to help in the forgiving.   What Jesus did was selfless, wanting us to live He was willing to die.  What Jesus did gives all of us the chance to be forgiven for all the times we were selfish.  Isn’t that what any sin is about, selfishness.  I am grateful for the cross.  For all the times I was not willing to sacrifice myself for others, for all the times I have torn down others with words or deeds, for all the times I didn’t believe in forgiving those who harmed me and for the times I stepped out of mercy.

And sometimes when I think, I am not Jesus so I can’t, I study the lives of the saints.  The saints who were humans and decided to live their life to mirror the selflessness of Jesus.

St. Maximillan Kolbe

St. Gianna Beretta Molla

The point is Jesus is an example of selflessness and He is very forgiving to those who are selfish.  It is a win win if we give our lives to Him.

Lots more reflection on today, but got to get to Church!



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