Broken – but I know the Healer!

I saw a quote that said “I bend but I don’t break”..   Made me think a little.. I break, and been broken from time to time.  Breaking isn’t so bad because I know the healer, Jesus.

He too was crushed for our sins… He died but He rose again.  Raising, healing, putting together the broken-hearted — it is good to know the healer.

I can be bitter in brokenness or I can give it to the healer.   I think it is why I love my Jesus friends because we can share how the Lord helped us through stuff and work through healing together.

I don’t have to be the strong person who bounces back, but I do need to surrender to the Healer to let Him created the new me..  He is the potter, I am the clay.   It is in the bible.

My assignment after confession last week was to spend time finding the new normal (new routine, new life because things have changed and continue to change).  I can’t go back, I can only go forward.  Things change.  There’s dying and rising.

Note to myself..  remind me to go forward with God with all my bendy, broken self and in all my strong and joyful self … it ain’t all bad, lots of Good because God is Good all the time.  I am grateful for all the good and all the blessings.

In Him I can rejoice and in Him I can pick up my cross and join with His cross, healing can spread.  Brokenness can be turned into joy.

More reflection is needed (and editing)… but getting older so all night praying doesn’t happen as often.  Need some rest, need to surrender.

Praise be to God in all  joys and in all sufferings.

ACTS 17:28 – For in Him we live and move and have our being.’ As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are His offspring.’

Psalm 51:8 – Oh, give me back my joy again; you have broken me–now let me rejoice.

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