Morning, Noon and Night-God is with me

I was always a morning person so prayer time was in the morning when God could have my full attention before the distractions away from Him.   Because of that early discipline of prayer I notice God is with me all day and all night.  Prayer without ceasing has nothing to do with saying lots of words to God all day or having to be quiet all day to hear His words. It is about a relationship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Talking sometimes, listening sometimes but always knowing the Trinity is present all the time.   God getting me through the good times and the bad times and even leading me into His Mercy when I go off the path.  

Having this relationship with God has changed my relationship with others. Because God’s focus is to let everyone know His loves each person, He is in love with each person and it is so important to treat each person with love.  Yes, even the mean people.  God understands the whole story of each person and Jesus died for everyone anyway.  

When I struggle I turn to my Jesus friends and to the Church. Sometimes my friends are here next to me and sometimes they are my heavenly friends. St Augustine, St Theresa, St Germaine .. and the list goes on.  

If I haven’t told you I love you lately, I do. If I ever hurt you in any way then please forgive me. God bless us all today.   And if you haven’t been to church lately you should go. God is waiting 

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