God sees you as…

Stinking thinking comes at a huge price.  Maybe because others called me stupid and ugly and maybe because I called myself those names.  But when I read scripture I found God calls me beautiful, wonderfully made and much more. It took years to soak in and I can slip back to stinking thinking pretty quickly.  Even as I practiced trusting in God’s word I would worry about what others said or was still questioning my own thoughts.  The mind is very tricky.

What I have learned recently, maybe like 5 minutes ago as I was reflecting on God’s word…  is that God’s mercy is bigger than forgiving sins, it is the constant showing me that I am valuable to God.

My reflections are a little deeper but my ability to put it in words is making me pause…

But I was thinking it is easy to love everyone, and forgive everyone when I see as God sees…

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