Removing Layers. Prayer as a conversation.

Sometimes I have a dream that makes me wake up talking to God as though the conversation was continuing from the dream.

Recently I dreamt I was to pray for a friend’s son. This isn’t a really close friend and I have never talked to her son, I have seen him in Church. I know nothing about his life or his needs or wants.   The temptation was to know what is going on in his life. And I found myself asking God what was the purpose of the prayer.  But in my conversation with God realize I don’t need the information, I need to be obedient and pray.

This morning layers is the word that woke me up. And immediately I thought about my first house. It was old and dirty. It needed painting. Some paint on the woodwork had layers and layers of paint. Before painting I needed to scrape and sand. I even used one of those torch things that melts the paint for easier scraping.   Each layer was a different color; there was pink, blue, and gray. Can’t help but wonder the style of day it was painted or the mood.   Some of the wood underneath the paint was beautiful and made me wonder why it was ever painted.

In one of my little sharing groups. We talked about the need to take down walls and the need to make changes in our life to live peacefully in our relationships.  And it is the same with my relationship with God.  I sometimes need to peel the layers that make me tough.  I have to surrender to God’s will and not my plan.

Wouldn’t it be great if we can remove the color of hate and change that color to love? If we only painted ourselves as God intended us to be – colors of peace and joy and leave behind the drama colors, or colors of shame.

The Vatican II documents define true freedom as not doing what we want to do but in being who God created us to be.

Personally I am still in process of removing layers and fixing my image as God intended. Always in process. Some change came with meeting my Jesus friends and sharing faith journeys.  God Himself has stepped in many times to guide and direct and gives me the grace to change. Reading Scared Scripture has helped my to hear God’s word and what He says about me.

As always there is more reflection needed, and as I live out my day may I continue to seek mercy, give mercy, love, offer up the pains and celebrate the joys.

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