Favorite Scriptures – Haggai 2:15,19

This scripture reminds me of the Class of 1984 at Fisher High School.  I use to Substitute teach and work with the youth group (who didn’t want fun activities but religious instruction).  They were the best group of kids ever.  Unfortunately God gave them me and we didn’t have books like the Catechism of the Catholic Church yet. But we did have the bible, the Church and love for Jesus!

I can’t remember if it was their Senior breakfast or graduation but they couldn’t get a priest or preacher for the opening prayer.  Somehow I was asked.  And I remember using verse 15 and 19 from Haggai chapter two, calling them to reflect as they moved forward in life and letting them know it is God who intends to bless them each day.

The miracle of the internet is that even after moving 675 miles away I was able to connect with a couple of the students from this group.  And it seems God blessed them to stay focus on Him.  One is teaching religion and the other raising a family.

God works in strange and mysterious ways, some days He choose me to the be the strange and mysterious way.  But whoever He calls know He is along for the journey and His Holy Spirit will be the Guide.

And know even if you don’t feel equip to lead, that it really is the Holy Spirit leading just go out there with Love.  I had all the references available at the time but really it was loving Jesus and loving people that got them to stick with God.  No judgments just love.

And I know I will always reflect on that time and this scripture knowing God is always blessing, pouring blessings down like rain… we just need to be a bucket and receive the blessings.

Another scripture memory …. God is alive and His word is a living word!

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