Favorite Scriptures – Sirach 39

In my early 20’s I remember reading scripture, was very new at what to read.  Mostly reading the daily mass readings.  But remember going through a bump in the road, and remember being at my cousin Jamie’s apartment.  She was at work and I opened the bible and this was the reading.

Do not say this is worst than that really shouted at me… and so this is always one of my go to scriptures.  Now that I am older and experienced more bumps I learned that it is the cross that sometimes is the teacher and in the crosses there is value.   I don’t always understand or like it, but God has always given me what I needed (not always what I wanted).

“Thank you God for today and the beauty of today and all the surprises you have in store for us today!” – Eunice Royal, Caritas in Abita Springs, LA

Grateful to have scripture and all my Jesus friends.

Sirach 39:33-35’The works of the Lord are all good, when the time is right, he gives whatever is needed. You must not say, “This is worse than that,” for, sooner or later, everything proves its worth. So now, sing with all your heart and voice, and bless the name of the Lord!’


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