Simple Faith A -Z – Tall

Those who know me are thinking, WHAT?  Where is she going to go with this one?  Is she getting tired of this project and making stuff up?

Well true my thought process is a little different that others at times.  But I do pray for the word .. and the word I received was Tall.. maybe because I grew up with tall people who tall feels normal.

Why Tall? What does being tall have to do with faith?  I was watching an episode of the Dog Whisper and he was working with a whole neighborhood to get the dogs to get along.  The children on the street were afraid of some of the dogs.  He told the children to stand tall and do not be afraid, to show confidence and the dogs would know that the children had the power over them.

When I walk in faith, it is necessary to stand tall.  It is necessary to walk with confidence.

I don’t know if you even had things that wants to shrink, like negative thoughts, the devil’s taunts, low or no self-esteem.  Sometimes these barking dogs keep me from God. I would think God loves others more or I was too bad to be forgiven.  Not the voice of God.

Now I have the confidence that I am the daughter of the Father, Creator God; I am confident that I am forgiven & loved by Jesus my Savior and brother; I am confident that I am a temple of the Holy Spirit and that he will be with me always.   Nothing to fear.  But I had to practice, I had to tell myself the truths of God even when I was still doubting.  I had to learn to trust God in everything.  I had to believe that God trusted me with His word and with Faith and had to believe it wasn’t for me alone but to share.  Not easy.  But like the little children on the dog whisper I had to practice standing tall, I had to practice confidence until it was second nature.

Walking in Faith, Standing on God’s word, Standing tall knowing God is at my side, even in the dark times, even when I am tempted to believe I have been abandoned by God.

I gave my self lots of pep talks, I read scripture and thought about it.  I had to believe God is not a liar, His word tells me beautiful things.  I could walk with my head high and stand tall as I go to God with God.

I remember when I use to visit the prison and people would ask if I was afraid, my answer was always the worst thing that could happen is that I get killed, but my soul will live forever.   I am not advocating visiting prison, do what you are called to do that is all.

God is with us since we were formed in our mothers womb according to the psalms, God is with us as we walk with him day by day.  God already has prepared our way, He is the way!

Stand tall, profess your faith, do not be afraid.. Prayers that the dogs won’t bite.

In need of further reflection.




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