Simple Faith A-Z – Plan

Having a plan —  we plan vacations, we plan for retirement, we plan our day, we plan escapes in case of a disaster…  Should I plan my faith life?

Yes!  Planning prayer time to sit down or kneel down to talk to my God is necessary for me.  And making a plan for a retreat of get away for time to focus on God is necessary for me.

Planning what to study, planning service work or evangelization out reach keeps me on the faith path.  Without a plan it may not happen.

Having a defense plan for when life hits hard and I am knocked off my routine to hold on to faith.  It is that memorized prayer for when I can’t find the right words or memorized scriptures to stand on God’s word.  It may be I need reconciliation for the graces needed.

God has a plan.. He planned to make us, to redeem us and to sanctify us.. He plans to keep watch over us.  His plan is to give us all we need to reach Heaven. He has given us the Church and Grace and Himself.  He holds nothing back in His plan.   Heaven should be in our plan– to bring heaven to each day until we reach our resting place with Him.

Lots to plan as this is in need of further reflection.





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