Simple Faith A-Z – Last

Mark 15:37 “Jesus gave a loud cry and breathed His Last”.
Am I willing to breath my last for Jesus?   Right “Love” would have been a great word for Simple Faith, except I know I have complicated the love word in life.

Love is a decision, a choice and because I give love doesn’t always mean love is returned. There is always the dialogue within of who to love, how to love and what is love.  I have been judgmental about who deserves my love at times and found it hard to receive love from others, (mostly lack of trust and doubting my own worth). I remember in my life questioning if I was really loved, living with humans who use the word but actions are debatable and vice versa.

Today I chose the word ‘LAST” … Jesus is the first and last, Jesus said the last shall be first. But Jesus gave His last breath for me that is Agape love, unconditional love. I don’t deserve it- I didn’t earn it – simply a gift from God. It is a gift from the Lord. My choice is to receive it and pass it on or turn away and walk.   In my life I have found at times that walking is the easiest, no challenge, no controversy, no working hard to work things out.(Sometimes walking away is the best and most loving thing to do..)

But like the early followers walking away from Jesus, I have to agree with St. Peter, John 6:68 … “Master, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.   For me there can no longer be an easy way out … Prayer is love and praying is what I do.   Forgiving is why Jesus took His last breath. I can chose life with Jesus or go my own way.

I am learning not to judge who deserves God’s love or forgiveness but to simply pray with every breath for everyone. People in my life or out of my life and to pray for the whole world.

Jesus died and gave His last breath for all. Everyone. I do not know better than God, God knows best. So if he gave his life for all, I have to love all and forgive all and pray for forgiveness whenever I hurt others.

Simple and sometimes not… I am human and I sometimes get off the path.

I have lots more thoughts. LOTS another good “L” word because I need lots of grace to give lots of breath and to love lots.  May God gave me the grace to give to Jesus until my last… Mary and St Joseph pray for me.


(In Need of Lots more reflection).

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