Simple Faith A-Z – Hidden

Hilarious right?  I mean God is Hilarious, He loves us with all our faults and gifts and shortcomings and efforts.   I started thinking Hilarious could be the “H” word.

Then of course I could have picked Heaven (vs hell).  Hope is always a great word in growing our faith. And I could have filled the page with Hope scriptures.

But in prayer, in that time when I listen and not do all the talking (it takes awhile I like to talk and give God all my ideas first, I know Hilarious!)

The word that came to me is “Hidden”.    Adam & Eve were hiding from God once they sinned.  Hiding from embarrassment, hiding in shame.  Proverbs tells me to seek wisdom like it is a hidden treasure.

But the reading that came to heart (another good “H” word) is from Ephesians  3: 14-19

“This is what I pray, kneeling before the Father, from whom every family, whether spiritual or natural takes its name. Out of his infinite glory, may he give you the power through his Spirit for your hidden self to grow strong, so that Christ may live in your hearts through faith, and then, planted in love and built on love, you will with all the saints have strength to grasp the breadth and the length, the height and the depth, until knowing the love of Christ which is beyond all knowledge, you are filled with the utter fullness of God.”

The hidden self for me is that I had to discover I was created in the image and likeness of God.  Something that was hidden under all the junk that was told to me about me that wasn’t true.  And then things got hidden under my own sins as a created a different image of self.   I am a treasure, God’s treasure or as they taught me in Cursillo, unique, masterpiece of the Most High God.

Uncovering the treasure that is myself as God created came from hearing (oh another good ‘h’ word) others tell their own stories and testimonies of God’s work.  Uncovering took the time and courage to experience God in reconciliation and through spiritual direction. Mostly it has been my prayer groups and small faith sharing groups that have kept me faithful.   I read about God’s love but when people actually loves me is when Jesus became real  and I could become who I was created to be, although still in process of becoming.

(in need of further reflection, I know hilarious, glad God has a sense of humor)

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