Friends and Offerings

Lots of thoughts way too early!.. the TV news said you can only have 4 friends unless you have a big brain… I wonder does Jesus and my dog count as two friends? What about people with a big heart can they have more than 4 friends. All I can say is my friends are not average so sure they were not in the study….
Next the tv news said having a dog keeps you healthier, great because my genes & weight are not as promising.
Last thought is about offering to God (on the radio)…I had to disagree with what to offer… because I think it is pretty simple . Everything came from God and goes back to God.. so offer God your body, mind, will and spirit.. Offer Him all the gifts you have and all the crosses you carry… it all belongs to Him.. and He simplified it by giving us Jesus, Jesus became the offering on the cross.. that is why we pray in Jesus name.. so when you feel you have nothing to offer, offer Jesus because it is in Him that we live and move and have our being!

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