Eggs in a basket

There’s a saying to not put all your eggs in one basket. If you drop a basket and break eggs then you still have the other basket with eggs. Breakfast may be smaller but you still can eat.

I was thinking I put all my eggs in one basket when I decided I wanted to follow Jesus. Even when I’ve dropped the basket He made a way. Sometimes a gift basket, sometimes letting go of the eggs so I could have chickens, sometimes in the desert with nothing so I could reflect on the important stuff. Sometimes I held the basket but required to share, even giving all the eggs away and even the basket.

– I will never regret putting everything into Jesus’s hands. And not sure where this reflection is taking me today but happy as long as it takes me to Jesus!

The Prayer List

My prayer list is very long. In prayer I heard a voice ask if god could only heal one person from your list who would you pick. My answer is all of them. God doesn’t pick favorites He loves all of us and His mercy is bigger than my list. I leave it to God how He heals. But I trust He loves everyone. Even those not on my list.

I will continue to pray for all even as my list grows.

Giving my Spirit to God for Lent!

As a kid I remember all the kids asking each other what you are giving up.   As an adult seems we look to do something other than giving things up.

I was thinking in mass Sunday that what I need to give up is my spirit to God.  Because God will take it and love it.   Holding it closely.

I have in the pass do the 40 bags in 40 days.   It is a great way to clean the house, but was they things weighing down my spirit and giving up bags of stuff did it increase my closeness to God.

I am asking God each day how can I give you more of my spirit so that I receive more of your spirit.   A Spirit that leads to forgiving and receiving forgiveness.  A Spirit of Joy, A Spirit of Love, A Spirit of hope.

OK, as always I need to reflect more on this inner thought of Giving up my Spirit for Lent.

Luke 23:46 “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit”

Psalm 31:5 “to your hands I commit my spirit, by you have I been redeemed”

Outgiving God!

I can’t out give God. I use to try when I was younger. Probably why I can’t retire, lol.

But I can help Him in His giving. By forgiving and sharing what I have and being the person He created me to be. With an attitude of thankfulness and joy.

First letting go of all hurt and seeking forgiveness from those whom I hurt.

Second, The sharing comes pretty natural. Helping others to me is just the right thing. Not always easy or comfortable but if God calls I answer. So there have been times when I say things to God like are you sure? Or how can I help? But if He calls I just know what I have to do.

Becoming the person I am created to be is in the first two. God created me with free will and all the people around me have choices. Sometimes in life I got hurt and decided to hold grudges. Sometimes I did the hurting. Maybe it’s just old age but forgiving and seeking forgiveness is freedom. Christ did it first as an example. The 12-steps has that making amends step to get me through the hard stuff.

Just thinking of things I can do to help today. Sometimes I can only pray for others because I am powerless over things like cancer and death. But God has the power.

Random thought of the morning.

Novena –

Enrolled a few people in this novena. My friend and I visited the shrine years ago and they really do pray there!

I love that the Saints can be our friends and prayer partners.

National Shrine of The Divine Mercy

The following is the same prayer being said during the Novena at the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy.

Prayer through the Intercession of

Bl. George Matulaitis – Matulewicz

O God, Merciful Father, in the heart of Your Servant Blessed George, You aroused such a great zeal for accomplishing corporal and spiritual deeds of mercy; deign to grand to us through his intercession the grace for which we implore You …

(Here mention your special intentions.)

Prayer for the Canonization of the

Bl. George Matulaitis – Matulewicz

Most Holy and undivided Trinity, You choose to live in the hearts of Your faithful servants, and after their death to reward their merits with the glory of heaven. Grant, we implore, that Your servant, Blessed George, who with apostolic zeal faithfully served the Church under the patronage of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, may be numbered among the Saints, through Christ our Lord.


National Shrine of The Divine Mercy

Bl. George Matulaitis Novena

January 18 – 26

Feast Day: January 28

“Overcome evil with good.”

Taken from St. Paul the Apostle, this was the personal motto of a Marian priest when he was chosen to be the Bishop of Vilnius, Lithuania, as he rescued the order when it was down to its last member.

Dubbed the “Marian Renovator,” the Lithuanian-born Blessed George was the priest who envisioned religious working together with the laity for the good of the Church. The principles he wrote about are defining points of the Association of Marian Helpers.

You can read more about this beloved Marian priest online at

Pray along with us